Delivery Services offered by The Doggy Deliverer

After delivering puppies to our families for years, our son has ventured out on with his own Personal Pet Delivering business known as The Doggy Deliverer.  He offers VIP (very important pet) transport that is tailored to your pet and your needs.  Your pet is never locked in a crate and housed in the vehicle with other pets (unless they are also yours).   Frequent potty, exercise, and refreshment breaks are taken to ensure your pets comfort the entire way.  You are also in constant contact with Charlie for the entire trip and he will meet you at the spot of your choosing, or bring your pet to your door step.

If your pet is coming from another breeder, you can either have the pet delivered here, or he can pick up the pet from your breeder and include that mileage in the transport fee.

Fee for ground transport is $1 per mile from Taft, TN 

He also offers in cabin air transport. Your pet will ride in the cabin of the plane at Charlie's feet in the comfort of a padded, soft-sided carrier with mesh sides.  The Doggy Deliverers fee is all inclusive, and he will meet you at baggage claim to deliver your pet.   If you are buying your pet from us, you do not need to provide payment until Charlie hands your pet to you at the airport...continuing our commitment to be a scam proof pet services provider.  If you have purchased your pet from another breeder, they can bring the pet to the airport for no additional charge or Charlie can customize a bid to fly to your breeders location, rent a car to pick up the pet, and then continue a flight to you.

Simple in-cabin transport starts at $700 in the contenintal US to major airports.  There may be additional fees depending on the size of the airport and how close the date is for transport (due to fluctuations in ticket price)

If you are purchasing your pet from us, please contact us for discounted pricing for transport or we will meet you 1 hour from our home for no additional charge.