Artificial Insemination Services Offered

Todd learned to collect and insert semen on canines after a breeding injury rendered our otherwise fertile stud unable to perform.  After succesfully producing puppies with our own dogs, Todd has decided to offer his services to others.

When we first learned that our stud could not physically mate himself, we drove three hours with two large dogs, and paid $350 each trip to have our females inseminated with our own stud.  We made the trip and paid the fee twice, only to find out it did not take.  It was then that Todd asked a specialist to teach him.  He not only learned the correct technique, but has also invested in the technology to know when the best time to catch a breeding would be in  each female.  And since we know that most people don't have $700 to throw away on a hope, Todd wants to offer his services at a fee only if the breed does indeed take.  Plus, he will come to you!


Artificial Insemenation and Breeding Services

List of services and fees.  

A full breeding with Todd includes:

Up to three visits to check progesterone levels to detect the perfect time to breed.

Collection of the semen from your male.

Evaluation of the semen before breeding.

Inseminating your fertile bitch with the tested semen up to three times.

A sonogram at four weeks to evaluate the success of the breeding.  

Consultation and Evaluation $100 this includes all steps up to insemination.

Completing the Insemination $900 with a guaranteed pregnancy.

If the bitch is not pregnant at four weeks your $900 will be refunded within 30 days.

If you  live with one hour of us, there is no travel fee.  If you live more than one hour, but less than three, there will be a $100 fee to cover traveling back and forth to your home, or you may come to us for no fee.

If you live more than four hours away, it will be your responsibility to book and pay for a clean, safe hotel room in your area for however many days you want Todd to stay and inseminate the dog. Plus $100 gas money.  We will take care of all necessities and food during the time there.

If we travel to find that your semen is not fertile, you will still be responsible for one nights hotel room.


Your semen may be collected fresh or he can use chilled semen that you provide upon arrival - there is no guarantee with chilled semen.


Ovulation Detection and Early Pregnancy Detection

If you would like the progesterone levels checked in your female, you may bring her to Todd and have him check her for $15, or he will come to you if you are with an hour of us for $30.  

Same prices to have your female checked for early pregnancy detection around 3-4 weeks.  

There are no guarantees on these services, but we do trust the results.