Wait List Policy and Lists

We offer a wait list for both Old English Sheepdogs and Sheepadoodles.  There is $50 fee to be on the waitlist.  That is a fee, it is not refundable - however, we will apply that fee to the deposit of a puppy if and when you choose to purchase one.   We do not use hormones for breeding, so we can not guarantee the timing or success of a breeding.  The list below is based on expectations, but we can not guarantee that a dog will get pregnant or how many puppies will be available.

We try to keep the list accurate and give a realistic picture of how many people are actually planning to pick a puppy from upcoming litters, in order to do that, we have set the following guidelines....

When you go on the list, you may specify a particular sex, pattern, trait, you are looking for.  If you do this, you may be skipped in the picking process if we do not have a puppy with those traits available, but you will retain your spot on the list until we do have a puppy that matches your specifications.  If you are offered a puppy that matches your specifications, and you choose to pass, you will be rotated to the bottom of the list.  If you pass on two litters, you will be removed from the list.

 Once the puppies have been cleared by the vet, pictures will be posted and the puppies will be up for deposit.  Those on the wait list will get a chance to place a deposit on a puppy in the order their fee was received, however, we will not hold others from making a deposit on any puppy available if you are not ready.  Once the entire list has been notified, the puppies will be made available to others.    If you would like to be on our wait list, go to the available puppy page and click the Wait List Fee link to pay the fee and be added to the list.  

*We are, periodically, asked about getting the "pick of the litter", we will now offer that option at a premium.  Pick of the litter will be available for $500..This is in addtion to the cost of the puppy and must be paid  when you request that position.   Only one pick of the litter will be offered, per sex,  for each litter, POL is available for any litter until the puppy claiming has begun but  will be an additional $200 after the puppies are born.   - Pick of the litter has until 2 weeks of age to choose their puppy, then the rest will be placed for deposits to the wait list, then the public.   The POL fee is non-refundable.


**Please note that these are tentative plans.  They may change based on when the girls cycle and our wait list needs.  When there are changes, we will note those changes here immediately and notify our Facebook followers via the FB page.


Our planned litters for 2020 puppies


Rachael x George. March 2021. OES

Maddie x Amos - expected breeding in March 2021. OES

Sky (Sheepadoodle) x Pharaoh next planned breeding is June 2021

Willow x George for Sheepadoodles  - late to breed now

Tilly  x George for Sheepadoodles for July 2021

Dinah (new OES) x  George awaiting pregnancy confirmation 

Lizzie x George New pair for 2021 OES

Feebee x George. F1 Sheepadoodles  This pair does not normally give the "OES LOOK".  They give more black with some white and the brindle with white.  Breedinh no

Wait List - known preferences are listed but we do not hold families to them.


Old English Sheepdog Wait List.

Tim H - female POL requested for Rachel on 12.27

Rebecca J - female

Cheryl A - male from Rachel

Megan G- Female with blue eyes

Kelly S (H on FB) - female

Jessy S preference for female

Christi B

Dawn S

Stephanie W. - female (Rachel or Lizzy) - also consider Sheepadoodle

Kyle W. ( Sofia ) Male POL  1.30

Karen T - Female

Emily W - Female

Kailee B - Male - October 2021 or later

Alyson B

Alexa H

Lily A - 2 females - POL option12/21

Lisa R - Female

Patricia L - male

Kristin S - 1st available

Hillary H

Virginia C POL option female 1.14

Julie C - big Male

Brennan K  Female Preference, but open to male

Alyssa D - female POL Option 1.22

Sandy P - POL (female is first choice, but open to male) reqested 2.1

Kristie C - male 2 blue eyes

Travis T - eye patch. Prefers female but open to male

Jennifer E. Female

Lisa Y. Male with patch 

Sheepadoodle Wait List.

Shannon W. - OES look - F1 - mid to late 2021

Liann M. - OES look - Female

Danielle R - Summer 2021 or later

Keshia J Female

Alex M. - F1 female

Rebecca O - POL requested for Willow x George

Sarah C - Feebee

Jacob S

Holly C  - male OES look

Brendan M - OES look

Greg D - Female

Maggie B - Summer 2021

Janna W - F1

Curtis B  POL female OES. 2.9

Erika A POL female  OES look 2.12

Donna S.  - Feebee x George Female * Boomer

Tiffany P - no fee 2022

Jennifer M   POL Willow x George  2.28

Candace C - POL Willow x George 3.4

Angela P - pending fee