Wait List Policy and Lists

We offer a wait list for both Old English Sheepdogs and Sheepadoodles.  There is no charge to be on the wait list.  Anyone on the wait list will be notified in the order they went on the wait list, when we have puppies available before they are posted to the public.  The wait list will have 24 hours to place deposits before deposits are taken from others. If you would like to be on our wait list, simply send a Private Message to me on Facebook, or send me an email.  If you are on the wait list and have changed your mind, please let me know so I can keep the list up to date.


If you are on the wait list for a Sheepadoodle, we have two litters that we are about to place.  We will be posting pics of each puppy weekly and start posting videos when the puppies start moving around.  We will keep you updated on weights, etc. as we post pics.  At around 3-4 weeks we will be placing the puppies on a page on our website with a link to place a deposit on each puppy.  I will be notifying the wait list, starting with the first person and working my way down, when that is available.  Once you are sent the link to that page, you may choose any puppy that is still available and place a deposit when you are ready.  There will be no holds placed.  I will give the wait list 24 hours to make their choices and then any available puppies will be made available on the website and sale boards.  


We are, periodically, asked about getting the "pick of the litter", we will now offer that option at a premium.  Pick of the litter will be available for $500....only one pick of the litter will be offered for each litter, POL is available for any litter until the puppy claiming has begun - Pick of the litter has until 3 weeks of age to choose their puppy, then the rest will be placed for deposits to the wait list, then the public.   The POL fee is in addition to the puppy price and is non-refundable.


**Our wait list policy changed to the above on August 12, 2018.  Anyone who already has a deposit with us will retain their right to choose from an upcoming litter before I post the puppies to the public and current wait list.  I am not changing our agreement with you at all.  Pick of the litter options are subject to previous Wait List clients choosing the puppy they have been waiting on first.


Our planned litters for the first half 2019.....



Rachael x Amos ((Old English Sheepdogs) We are hoping for a breeding in May


Maddie x Amos (Old English Sheepdogs)  We are hoping for a breeding in May


Sky x Pharoah(F1b Sheepadoodles)  This breeding has been confirmed and expected around March 20th


Becca X Pharaoh (f1b Sheepadoodles) This breeding has been confirmed and is expected in late March


Feebee x Amos (?) (F1 Sheepadoodles)  We are hoping for a breeding in February or March


Dinah (new OES) x Pharaoh (F1 Sheepadoodles)   Whenever she is ready.


Wait List - known preferences are listed but we do not hold families to them.


Old English Sheepdog Wait List  - ( a listing in brackets indicates a person who is considering both breeds - They are bracketed in the breed they are less likely to choose from ).  


Cheryl A - Amos x Rachel puppy

Kim C. - Female  w/ eye patch

Debbie R. - Male

Marissa M. - female

Amy W.

Clitton S.  - *Female 2 blue eyes marking on face

Rachel V. - Female

(Possible Brent H. pick - On both lists female)

Ryan S - 

Ryan S - 

Kyla S - Female

Laura C. 

Gabrielle T (possible POL-1)

Kelly S

Dan S

Sandy B. - Male

Jennifer F

Sarang P. - Male

Brenda B - Female

Patsy M.

Gina J.



Sheepadoodle Wait List


 Barbara K.  (Feebee x Amos) - only a spring litter

Brent H. - Female - F1b

Casen S. - Male OES look (not too picky on color)

Bob L.    Black/white - female

Ashley I - F1 Female

Steve Z - Male

Debbie S. - (Possible POL 1)

Francesca P - F1 - Male OES markings, mostly black on back

Gina E. - F1 - 

Barbara S.

Loren M. - Male - Black/white or blonde

Charli V - Male - OES look

Peony L. - Smaller male - OES look - white face

Bobbi P. - Female

Jodi S - Male pattern similar to Luke

Julie M

Kimmie W. 

Jennifer A.


 Last updated on 3/25/19